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Outdoor Learning isn't a fad. It's not the latest craze or buzzword that is haplessly bouncing its way around #edutwitter without any real substance. Outdoor Learning is simply an updated way of describing how children have learned to experience the world for millenia! Play has long been a vastly underutilised educational resource and only recently has it really begun to shine as the emergence of Forest School really gained traction. 
Outdoor Learning differs from the Forest School approach in that there is carefully orchestrated structure to the seemingly wild and free environment that is created at one of our OL sessions.

By enabling Outdoor Learning in Primary Schools, we are able to offer the children an exploration of the world around them but to also engage practically in some fairly lofty subjects such as english, maths, science and the creative arts.

I am genuinely passionate about the power of Outdoor Learning, Nature Connection and the immersive therapy of nature and I would welcome the opportunity to work with your school to either help begin the Outdoor Learning journey, or shape/encourage/enhance any existing provision you may have.

Week 1 13.9.2023 - Wrens & Bluebell Nursery/ House Martins https://twitter.com/i/status/1702099817961300408

Week 2 20.9.2023 - Wrens & Bluebell Nursery & House Martins https://twitter.com/i/status/1704776750880739728

Week 3 28.9.2023- Wrens & Bluebell Nursery & House Martins (Please see pictures attached) 

Week 4 4.10.2023 Robins and Kestrels https://twitter.com/i/status/1709669308672921679 

Week 5 11.101.2023 Robins and Kestrels https://twitter.com/i/status/1712076919175291335

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