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There's No such thing as a Gruffalo- Is there?

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 10:36am

 Something rather mysterious  has happened in our class. A set of rather big footprints appeared on the ground. Who left the footprints? Was it a dinosaur? A monster? A giant?

No it was a Gruffalo!! Why didn’t you know? The Gruffalo had lost his way and ended up in our woods. Showing how concerned they were, the children built him a shelter, left him a plate of food and some water and wrote him some letters to cheer him up. Next day the children were very excited to find that he had left us a letter and a special present. It was a book! I wonder what the Gruffalo will do next?

Tilston Parochial Primary School, Church Road, Tilston Malpas Cheshire, SY14 7HB